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Thanks to Gary’s course on how to set up and present “create-a-package” style sales, I gained the confidence to start IPS in my business. Most thankful for this course and the heart he has for educating others.


Heather Haygood Harvey

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A 33 year veteran of the photography business with 25 years of educating photographers around the United States and beyond. A man with a passion for mastering imagery and growing other's business.


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Bonnie Matassa

Thank you, Gary for all of the information that you are so willing to give to help all of us, and the photographic industry. I began my photography business 14 years ago. I was a self learner and I spent a lot of time and money traveling around the country to try to better learn my craft and improve my business. I can say that I have learned the absolute most from you in your group and I am so very thankful. I appreciate all of the videos and information that you share with us. I have learned so much about building my business, and most of all have improved my lighting. Most of all I have learned to have confidence in myself. I can’t thank you enough for helping me grow as a portrait photographer and helping me achieve many goals that I set for myself.


Fonzie Munoz


Gary’s class was one the best classes that elevated my business technically and financially in a short period of time. . I took his Texas School class twice and visited his studio as well. My senior averages went from $800 to $2000 within a year. Hands down one of the best investments I made for my business. Wouldn’t be where I am today without his expertise and friendship.

Jamie Simon 

Three years ago I randomly took Gary Box’s class at Texas School. I was a Mom with a camera that LOVED to learn. It was absolutely life changing for my business. I went from a shoot n burn photog making peanuts to switching to IPS and making money. Fast forward a few months and Gary was one of the speakers at Sync. I knew when he took the stage I needed to listen. Gary’s love and passion for photography are unlike any other. His knowledge for pretty much anything is mind blowing. He teaches everything from lighting, posing (he poses better than most females), sales and efficiency in running a business.

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